Church of The Holy Spirit

Hungry For God, Sharing His Love


Welcome to the website of
Church of the Holy Spirit, Bedgrove in Aylesbury

Twinned with Busabi Assembly PAG Church Butaleja, Uganda

"Hungry For God - Sharing His Love"
"Becoming a Hub for Bedgrove Community"

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Church at High Leigh 3


We are a CofE church situated on the Bedgrove Estate in south-east Aylesbury




Services Holy Week and Easter
Sunday 30th April
3rd Sunday of Easter

We extend a very warm welcome to join us at any of






Holy Comunion
Service  Leader - Tony Holmes
Preacher - Martin Kuhrt
Readings - 1 Peter 2: 19-end
Matthew  17: 14-27

Annual Parochial Church Meeting

Family Worship with Infant Baptism
Service Leader - Martin Kuhrt
Preacher - Martin Kuhrt
Reading - Matthew 17: 14-27

Informal Worship
Service Leader - Martin Kuhrt
Preacher - Bola Ajayi
Reading - Jeremiah 1