Morning Prayer until 9.30am - All Welcome

Please call the office after 9.30am

This week's Diary

Monday 18th November

10.30am - Ladies Prayer

2.30pm - Friendship Club

Tuesday 19th November

10.00am - The Source

1.00pm Little Fishes Baby Group

Wednesday 20th November

10.00am - Holy Communion

11.00am - Wednesday Welcome

3.00pm  - Refresh Youth Club Year 7-13

Thursday 21st November

9.00am - The Source

10.00am - News sheet Deadline

10.00am - Fishes Toddler Group

Friday 22nd November

10.00am - The Source

Saturday 23rd November

11.00am - Morning Prayer

2.00pm - Curling

Sunday Services

Sunday 24th November

9.00am - Holy Communion

10.45am - Family Worship & Baptism

6.30pm - Informal Worship