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please contact the church office on Tel: 01296 394759

What is the Marriage Course?

The course runs for seven weeks set in a fantastic atmosphere. You and your partner will be served a candlelit meal and dessert at a romantic table for two, whilst listening to practical talks that are informative and fun. There is never any group work, and you will not be asked to share anything about your relationship with anyone other than your partner.

Why do the course?

Well, one might ask, why wouldn't you? Every marriage is an investment that benefits from care and attention. After all.....

  • Regular check-ups help a car run smoothly and reduce the risk of breakdown.
  • The best sports professionals spend hours being coached and perfecting their technique.
  • The greatest achievements in life take practice, training and dedication.


Church of the Holy Spirit, 71a Camborne Ave, Bedgrove, Aylesbury HP21 7UE


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What's included?

We provide manuals, a candlelit meal and a great atmosphere to discuss the following areas:

  1. Building Strong Foundations
  2. Art of Communication
  3. Resolving Conflict
  4. Power of Forgiveness
  5. Impact of Family – Past and Present
  6. Good Sex
  7. Love in Action