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God and the Coronavirus

by Martin Kuhrt

The nations are in lockdown, our church buildings are closed, and in the UK it seems that in the mainstream media there is very little reflection about the spiritual dimension to all this. The voice of the Church of England as a national institution seems very quiet. This might be because the part of the […]

Roots, Racism and Religion

by Martin Kuhrt

Teresa May was visiting a nursing home. She tried to chat to one of the residents but he was off-hand and disinterested. “Do you know who I am?” she said. “If you go over to the desk they’ll tell you”, the man replied! A sense of identity is important to all of us. We all […]

Is Religion Dangerous?

by Martin Kuhrt

A few years ago I visited Jerusalem, a place both beautiful and ugly. Centuries of bloodshed have left deep wounds. The sins of human pride, greed, anger and lust have defiled the ‘Holy City’ and continue to do so. Perverted religion has played a major part. For people who seek to follow Jesus and for […]

Are you a sheep or a goat?

by Martin Kuhrt

Jesus said (Matthew 25 v31-46) that there are two types of people. Some are heading for the paradise of God’s kingdom (sheep) and some are heading for the fire of judgment and hell (goats). He himself will separate us according to how we respond to him in this life. The defining question is “are we […]