Jesus said (Matthew 25 v31-46) that there are two types of people. Some are heading for the paradise of God’s kingdom (sheep) and some are heading for the fire of judgment and hell (goats). He himself will separate us according to how we respond to him in this life. The defining question is "are we people of compassion to those Jesus identifies with – his ‘brothers’ who are hungry, thirsty, naked, alienated, sick and in trouble? Or are we at root selfish, greedy and hard-hearted?"

The time to decide is now. It's later than you think. If you're not sure whether you are a sheep or a goat, there is one way to make certain. Learn to recognise Jesus. Learn to follow him. Join a church which cares about Jesus’ brothers and sisters (whoever they are) and find assurance that you are heading in the right direction.

Church of the Holy Spirit offers a welcome to all, and with the other churches seeks to serve vulnerable people in Aylesbury, whether they be in hospital, prison, homeless or in any other kind of need. We also seek in Jesus’ name to help his brothers and sisters thousands of miles away. We are linked with Busabi in Uganda where we support the church there which looks after orphans and clothes them in school uniforms. Also we support a ministry to orphans on the coast of Andhra Pradesh, East India, which houses, clothes and feeds them, and transports them to school in a bus bought with money we sent.

In our church there are opportunities to make sure you are a sheep, not a goat, by being part of a body of people which seeks to meet others’ basic needs whether they be food, water, clothes, human company, emotional, practical or spiritual help. If you know you are a sheep, fine, but if, honest to God deep down you fear you might be in danger of being a goat, then join us!